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Citrus Specialities

When first established in 1933 Frutarom was one of the earliest industrial enterprises in Israel. Its origins lie in the desire to produce Flavour & Fragrance ingredients based on local agricultural produce, in particular Citrus products. 

Frutarom continues its tradition of creating top quality and market leading Citrus specialities.

In using its global expertise and decades of know how in its unique sourcing, processing and refining of citrus raw materials Frutarom has created a broad portfolio of Citrus products suitable for the Flavour & Fragrance Ingredient market.  

Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Mandarin and Sweetie (Pomelo) are all available in a wide range of product types from single to folded and terpeneless oils along with and extensive range of Nootkatones, extracts and Naringin.

Applications include Beverage, confectionary, dairy and many others.

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