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A  diverse product line within the Flavour and Food industry with a wide range of applications including;

  • Bakery: Hydrocolloids can be used to improve batter viscosity, increase dough strength, and provide a better texture. Also used to increase shelf life.
  • Beverage: Hydrocolloids can be used to improve mouth feel, suspend particulates, and provide emulsion stability.
  • Desserts: Hydrocolloids can be used to provide better mouth feel, prevent syneresis, improve melt characteristics, and reduce ice crystal formation.
  • Pharma: Hydrocolloids can be used in medical adhesives, surgical lubricants, bases for lotions and creams.

Product in our range include;

                                  Agar Agar                                      Alginates

                                  Carob Powder                              Carrageenan

                                  Guar Gum                                      Gum Arabic

                                  Ghatti Gum                                    Karaya Gum

                                  Locust Bean Gum                          Psyllium

                                  Tragacanth Gum                            Xanthan Gum


All rigorously tested to meet our customer's quality requirements.


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